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Slippery Floor Sufarces Lead to Slip Fall Issues

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Don't Let Your Profits Be Eaten Away By A Slip Fall! Contact The Anti Slip / Non Slip Surface Solutions Specialists

What Dangers Slippery Floor Surfaces Present to Me?

Slippery Floors at Work! Every business nightmare.
It means LOSSES due to preventable slip fall injuries
  • Loss of Money (excess, increasing insurance premiums)
  • Loss of More Money (litigation, OH&S compliance)
  • Loss of Key Personnel
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Loss of Time
  • Loss of Reputation

According to workers compensation data for 2004/05, total direct costs due to slips, trips and falls on the same level in NSW were about $110 million. With an average cost to an employer of around $18,900, one workers compensation claim for a slip, trip or fall on the same level incident can have a major impact on a business.


Two PDFs from WorkCover about preventing slips, trips and falls:

Slippery Floors at Public Places! Whether you are a Strata Manager, Body Corporate Member, Local Government Official, Building Owner or Manager of any public places, this is something that you face every day when the floors you are responsible are slippery.

Slippery Floors at Home! Every homeowner's problem. It can have devastating consequences to you and to your loved ones.

Slips and falls cost $4billion annually to the community and the leading cause of accidental death (more than motor vehicle accidents!) among senior citizens.

Also, the prevalence of litigation where falls have occurred, and skyrocketing insurance costs are placing increasing demands on many other sectors of the business community, e.g.:

OHS legislation also requires employers to provide floors that are slip resistant, and employees must also comply with OHS legislation.

Internationally, building codes are increasingly requiring products to satisfy performance requirements such as slip resistance for the intended life of a facility, as does consumer protection legislation.

Sounds frightening?

The good news that it does not need to happen. Most slip and fall accidents are preventable and we can help you with our anti slip solutions to create a non slip floor surface at your Home, at your Work, at a Public Place, as a matter of fact anywhere, globally.

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Solutions - How to Create Non-Slip Floor Surfaces?

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Micro Etching Non Slip Solution

The Safe Solution® is a chemical solution designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in most hard mineral surfaces, such as; ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, porcelain, and as well, steel enamel bathtubs. After the product is applied the water will disperse into the newly created microscopic channels and this will create a non-slip surface.

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Micro Etching non slip treated surface

Polyurethane Anti Slip Coating Solution

FLOOR TUFF® is a single pack, polyurethane anti-slip protective coating. It cures to form a tough, abrasion resistant, flexible coating in an attractive textured finish.

FLOOR TUFF® has excellent durability as it is heat, water, salt-water, impact and chemical resistant (dilute acids and alkalies).

FLOOR TUFF® has been designed to provide a slip resistant floor and protective coating for floor and vehicular traffic

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Speckle coated non slip surface


SAFE GRIP anti slip strips and non skid treatment is a very fast drying and curing state of the art highly non slip product with outstanding adhesion and wear resistance is applied using a unique patent pending cold fusion technology

Safe Grip has outstanding durability as well as it is heat, water, electric current, salt-water, UV, impact and chemical resistant.

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Stairs - Entrance to apartments

Tactile Ground Surface Indicator – TGSI

Tactile Ground Surface Indicator’s purpose is to provide a tactile surface on public pathways & access routes that can be felt underfoot and recognised as a warning of impending pedestrian hazard, particularly to the vision impaired, but also as an added safety precaution to all pedestrians.

AS/NZS 1428.4:2002 controls the product and the installation requirements of Tactile Indicators.

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Directional indicators

Penetrating Sealer Solution

STAIN-PROOF™ is a penetrating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects exposed porous tile, natural stone, paving and grout from damage caused by water, salts and oil-based stains. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. STAIN-PROOF™ provides lasting protection for engineering concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, paving, sandstone, limestone, brick and grout while retaining the non slip surface.

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MCG - Surface treated with penetrating sealer

Floor Enhance Treatment Solution

ENHANCE-PLUS™ is a breathable surface treatment which provides a lasting enrichment of colour and stain protection for concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, pavers, limestone, brick, marble, granite, terrazzo and grout and still allows the surface to remain anti-slip. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer.

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Surface Treated with Floor Enhance Treatment

Maintenance - How to Clean and Maintain Non Slip Surfaces?

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While your non slip surface immediately after application will show excellent slip resistive qualities, over a period of time will becomes more slippery due to various reason, like traffic volume, wear and tear, quality of floor care and cleaning regime. To ensure that your non slip floor will last, as well as the anti-slip qualities will remain intact, it requires that the proper floor care regime be employed and the floor slip resistance would be regularly checked. To ensure that this will happen, we bring to you the ultimate non slip floor maintenance regime, the FSMP™.

FSMP™ the Ultimate Anti Slip Floor Safety Solution at No Additional Cost to YOU!

Global Safe Technologies Australia is proud to bring the ultimate Floor Maintenance and Risk Management Solution, its industry unique Floor Safety Maintenance Program™, the "FSMP™" for commercial clients. This program is only charged out at the time of the initial non slip application and when the floor surface requires anti-slip rejuvenations, up to two years or more, and comes all inclusive at no additional cost to the client.

Why the FSMP™ is so important to You?

When a slip fall risk is identified, the customer's relevant department will contact a non slip floor safety specialist company to rectify the problem. This company will do a sample, and then if the sample is satisfactory and the quote is accepted, the company will complete the job and the floor will be slip resistant in line with the relevant Australian standards.

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Maintaining Non Slip Surfaces

Maintenance Solution™ - The Ultimate Cleaner For Non Slip and Other Surfaces

The Maintenance Solution™ is an effective cleaner used throughout bathrooms, public washrooms, kitchens, schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs, banks, casinos, theatres, workshops, hospitals, pool decks, entryways, change rooms, automotive and transportation services on floors, walls, countertops, appliances, range hoods, tools, equipment - wherever an effective user friendly cleaner is needed.

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Maintenance Solution 4L Bottle

Internet Special Offer For Non Slip Treatment

When you have slippery floor issue and have found us on the Internet, please mention this to your local Authorised Floor Safety representative. Apart from providing you a FREE Floor Safety Inspection report, we also will provide you with FREE sample of the Maintenance Solution™.

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Issue - Slippery Floor Surfaces Solutions -  How to Create Non Slip Floor Surfaces Maintainance - How To Clean and Maintain Non Slip Surfaces Issue - Slippery Floor Surfaces Solutions -  How to Create Non Slip Floor Surfaces Maintainance - How To Clean and Maintain Non Slip Surfaces Issue - Slippery Floor Surfaces Solutions -  How to Create Non Slip Floor Surfaces Maintainance - How To Clean and Maintain Non Slip Surfaces
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