"THANK YOU so much for solving my slippery floor problem. For 2-1/2 years I searched for a solution to a very dangerous condition; finally, I found it and it's called "The Safe Solution". After the treatment I couldn't believe my eyes or my work shoes, my prayers were answered. A floor that was once an insurance premium waiting to rise has now become a non-issue, instead of skating we can now literally run on the floor when it is wet.

My staff would like to thank you as well. They used to enjoy their work except when it was raining and snowing outside, the water tracked in, at those times, caused them to move in SUPER SLOW MOTION. Now they are free to enjoy their work all the time, without the fear of falling. It is truly amazing. Productivity is up 10% and I can sleep at night."

Mr. Adam Charbonneau
GM, Domino’s Pizza


How good is “The Maintenance Solution”?
--By Werner Lomker, Dominos Pizza (905) 824-0300

Recently, I began to doubt whether the Maintenance solution really is as good as Global Safe says. I mean there are hundreds of products available to clean floors with, all seem to work. I had never doubted the effectiveness of any that I tried in my restaurant. They all seemed to leave the floor clean.
Basically, they are all the same then, right??

I decided to put together a little test. I chose an area of floor that was treated 6 months ago. I found it had lost some of its anti-slip properties and needed a good scrub and rinse.

I bought three different products all made by an industrial cleaning leader Zep Brands, a much larger company than Global Safe, meaning in my mind they were much larger experts in the field.

I chose four sections of floor, side-by-side. Mixing all four cleaners in the same ratios, I scrubbed each section with the corresponding solution, rinsing my brush between sections. I then rinsed each with hot water.

The only section that came back satisfactorily, to its original anti-slip surface, was the area treated with The Maintenance Solution.

Two of the other three actually got worse!

I then cleaned all four sections with Maintenance Solution, bringing back the anti-slip properties and began another test. I poured liquid imitation butter on all the sections and rubbed it in with a sponge. Of course, that amount of grease made all the sections somewhat slippery again.

Then I used the three products to do the test again. One of the 3 comparative products was labeled a heavy duty Detergent degreaser. I thought for sure it would outperform “The Maintenance Solution”.

Again, I was wrong.

The results mimicked the first test. I was convinced.

The Maintenance Solution really is that Good!

The most difficult part of my day was trying to get those special cleaners, and the resulting greasy residue, up off my floor permanently and get back to my safe anti-slip surface.

I saw the results, now I’m now a confirmed believer.


Monday, December 13, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Our apartment complex at Moore Park Gardens was experiencing very slippery conditions in our gymnasium area and main entrance. Approximately 6 months ago we then had our slippery areas treated for safety by a company called Global Safe Technologies, They applied a product called the Safe Solution to the floor. After the application of the Safe Solution treatment these slippery conditions were completely resolved. When the Body Corporate CornmJttee came to inspect the work after a big rain that flooded the entrance, they were very impressed with the anti slip quality of the floor. The same people were called back in late November after our swimming pool was renovated and retiled. The pool surfaces on the stairs were very slippery. The Safe Solution treatment amazed me as the stairs which are constantly covered with water and previously were very slippery are now completely safe.

We were also introduced to their cleaning product; the Maintenance Solution. We are very impressed with this product as well; not only for the gymnasium area, but for many other cleaning tasks and recently have ordered more for all of our external and internal floor cleaning. We've also found that the product cleaned other surfaces, including carpet very effectively.

For anyone considering using these products and services, I would highly recommend them.

Sincerely Yours,

Mike Bonenti


October 5, 2002

Dear Reader,

Our hotel was experiencing very slippery conditions on the pool deck. Approximately one year ago we then had our pool deck treated for safety by a company called Ontario Anti-Slip. They applied a product called the Safe Solution to the pool deck. After the application of the Safe Solution treatment these slippery conditions were completely resolved.

The same people that applied the Safe Solution, returned regularly to monitor the conditions of the treated surface, and to assist us with the maintenance of the pool deck itself.

We were also introduced to their cleaning product; the Maintenance Solution. We are very impressed with this product as well; not only for the pool deck, but for many other cleaning tasks. We had a stain on our carpet, and had tried several other cleaners to remove it, and to our amazement the Maintenance Solution was the only one that actually worked!

For anyone considering using these products and services, I would highly recommend them.

Sincerely yours,

Satish Kumar
General Manager
Best Western Brampton Inn
30 Clarke Blvd.
Brampton ON L6W 1X3


April 17, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Our pool deck was becoming more and more slippery with use. Anti-Slip Alberta treated our pool deck with the “Safe Solution” by Global Safe Technologies and it virtually eliminated our slip and fall incidences. We have found this process to be a worthwhile investment.

The Maintenance Solution has proven itself invaluable for cleaning the pool area. Not only does it keep the tile floors clean, we have also found that it takes care of the scum line around the pool with no scrubbing and no effect on the chemical balance of the water. One other use we have found for The Maintenance Solution is to clean the waterslide beautifully without staining or bleaching.

Terry Webb
Maintenance Manager
Howard & Johnson Hotel,
Canmore, AB


January 3, 2002

Dear Concerned,

We purchased a cleaning product called the Maintenance Solution. We were encountering a problem with tough to clean grouting, in the washrooms of our hotel rooms. After using the Maintenance Solution, this problem has been completely resolved.

The Maintenance Solution worked efficiently, where other cleaners failed to do the job. Our housekeeping staff is very pleased with this cleaner, and we are now using it more often as a regular daily cleaner.

I am more than happy to write this testimonial for the Maintenance Solution, as this product works just like the company says it does.

Thank you Global Safe,

Clarence Thompson, CEOE
4405 Central Boulevard
Burnaby B.C. V5H 4M3



To Whom It May Concern:

We had an older ceramic quarry tile floor, common to many older restaurant locations.
It became quite slick after about 10 years.

On one occasion, I had one of my customers, literally, fall into my arms, saving them from a potentially serious fall injury.

We were tired of constantly slipping on water tracked in by the delivery drivers.

After using the ‘Safe Solution’ our floor is now extremely safe.

We also recognized that the company had a superior cleaner.

We began using the ‘Maintenance. Solution’, as both our floor cleaner and daily, all-purpose cleaner, and have been quite satisfied with the results.

I am confident to recommend their products and service.

Mr. Shane Linthorne
Domino's Pizza,
Owner / Operator
5920 Turney Drive,
Mississauga, Ontario


July 12, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

Our De Dutch Pannekoek restaurant had serious concerns about our slippery floor conditions. We had four slip-fall accidents! This was quite surprising, considering we had been open for only two months. For both our staff and patron’s safety, we contracted to have the "Safe Solution" anti-slip treatment applied to our floors.

The traction has been increased considerably and cleaning is unaffected. Global Safe also has an excellent cleaning and "Maintenance Solution" that we recommend you consider.

The problem is fixed and we are happy to know that Global Safe provides ongoing inspections, detailing the overall condition of our floor to quickly eliminate any potential problems in the future. Taking these steps provides a safer flooring environment and slip-fall accidents avoided. If an accident should ever happen, we will be prepared to show that, as a business, we have taken reasonable care and precautions.

We are very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend the "Safe Solution".

Richard Dys
De Dutch Pannekoek House
#200 – 2748 Lougheed Hwy.
Port Coquitlam, B.C.


July 7, 2001

Dear Reader,

As an established business in the hotel industry, we are very concerned with our guests’ comfort and safety, not to mention the appearance of our hotel.

For their leisure and enjoyment, we offer our guests the use of a beautiful swimming pool. Unfortunately, we had encountered several incidents in the past where our pool deck has posed to have a definite hazardous condition; from time to time the deck had become very slippery.

The people that manufacture a product called the Safe Solution were referred to us to remedy this problem. Much to our amazement, our slippery conditions are no longer a hazard. As a matter of fact, the difference in traction to our pool deck after the Safe Solution was applied is so dramatic, that we are more than happy to write this testimonial.

Furthermore, as I mentioned above, the appearance of our hotel is also very important to us. Normally, one does not think of any one good cleaner over another as an important factor when going about the general duties of cleaning. The same people that amazed us with their Safe Solution, said they have a Maintenance Solution cleaner that is like no other, so we gave it a try. In one word; WOW! Some of our most troublesome cleaning in the past is no longer troublesome today. Our housekeeping staff now uses the Maintenance Solution as their regular all-purpose daily cleaner.

We would highly recommend the Safe Solution to correct any hazardous slippery conditions, and the Maintenance Solution for any difficult to clean areas.


Stewart Miller
General Manager
Abbotsford Travelodge Hotel


April 6, 1999

"…we purchased the Safe Solution anti-slip product for our bathtubs. Not only did this product make our bathtubs anti-slip, it corrected a problem we have had for several years. Our bathtubs have built in skid pads that were impossible to clean…after the application of the Safe Solution these problems were solved."

Thank you,

Jeanine Nygren
Assistant Housekeeping Manager
Doubletree Hotel


February 23, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Our bathtubs have built in skid pads and did not effectively work for reducing slip fall accidents. After the application of the Safe Solution these problems were resolved.

For anyone considering treating their tub or tile, I highly recommend the Safe Solution anti-slip treatment.

Very truly yours,

Bob Rogers
Chief Engineer
Best Western Hotel


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