Tactile Ground Surface Indicator – TGSI

Tactile Ground Surface Indicator’s purpose is to provide a tactile surface on public pathways & access routes that can be felt underfoot and recognised as a warning of impending pedestrian hazard, particularly to the vision impaired, but also as an added safety precaution to all pedestrians.

AS/NZS 1428.4:2002 controls the product and the installation requirements of Tactile Indicators.
The manufacturer has recognised the need for a range tactile indicators that is extremely functional, durable, economical & complimentary to any architecture standard. This was achieved by utilising the best materials available and considerable consultation with engineers and architects. The result is a product that looks and performs like no other.

Tactile Profile 1 The major points to be aware of regarding to TGSIs are;

Regarding to placements the standard states;

This Appendix provides details on the application of TGSI in various situations.
The following situations are covered:
(a) Stairways, ramps, escalators, and travelators.
(b) Car park crossings.
(c) Bus stops.
(d) Trams/light rail.
(e) Level path/carriageway junctions.
(f) Railway platforms.
(g) Passenger wharves.
(h) Projecting hazards in circulation spaces.
(i) Change of direction, directional indicators



Extensive practical experience has proven that there is no substitute for mechanical fixing. Fixing a Tactile Indicator onto an existing pedestrian floor with adhesive has proven to date to be less reliable than we considered acceptable. We will however continue to research this option.

All Indicators currently have a profiled plug incorporated into the design of each tactile indicator which suits a pre drilled 8mm hole. The depth of hole is dependant on the substrate material. Typically a 25mm depth hole is sufficient when fixing the tactile indicator to concrete.

The manufacturer will provide a full package including specially designed drilling templates, drills, to assist with drilling to the required matrix standard. These templates are available in various formats like 300mm x 600mm or 600mm x 600mm and others. Location pins are supplied to allow for easy longer matrix applications.

Tactile Installation

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