Proposed Slip Resistance Standards (DRAFT) extract

HB197:1999 is being revised and some changes are expected to come into force later this year, after the next Standards Committee meeting.

The draft standard, DR 07066 CP Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, is available for public comment until 8 March 2008 by Clicking Here.

If this draft is adopted, as is expected, it will enable better differentiation between the slip resistance of smooth pedestrian surfaces, such that some products will receive lower wet pendulum slip resistance classifications. When the new standard is published, a new set of slip resistance design guidelines will be released

The following information is provided for your information, but please note that you should not rely on the current classification values mentioned as the proposed changes to the wet Pendulum test slider preparation will result in lower slip resistance values and classification in certain cases.

Main changes are relating to the definition of pedestrian surfaces and specific new classifications.

Pedestrian surface will be classified into three categories;

  1. Dry: in which, appropriate control measures ensure an area remains dry and clean when in use
  2. Transitiomal: that are intended to be kept dry as by the provisions of design features (awnings, drains, mats, airlocks, etc) appropriate to the physical location, climate and general exposure to water and maintained in a dry and clean condition by the facilities manager.
  3. Wet: those areas that are not defined as a dry or transitional area which constantly or intermittently wet or contaminated

Some previously non classified areas will be included in the standard.

Proposed standards (some of it) Rating
Self catering areas kitchenettes X R10
Residential kitchens Y R9
Residential bathrooms, ensuites, toilets and laundries Y A or R9

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