Wet barefoot Ramp Test

Two adult test persons are used to determine the angle of inclination at which safe walking no longer occurs, when the pedestrian surface material being tested is subjected to a continuous stream of water containing a wetting agent. The test persons, each in turn, facing downhill and with an upright posture, move backwards and forwards over the test surface, as they increase their angle of inclination, until they reach their safe limit of walking. The angles of inclination obtained at such limits are used to assess the friction characteristics of the test surface.

It is not necessary for the test person to actually fall.
NOTE: The test person may determine the limit of safe walking on their perception of when a further slight increase in inclination would cause a fall.

Wet Barefoot Ramp Test

Please note that this type of testing can only be performed in a specialist research test laboratory by those companies who have the equipment.

The table below will interpret the results and the corresponding classification.

Wet Foot Ramp Test

For further information regarding to Wet Foot Ramp Test please refer to the CSIRO Manufacturing & Materials Technology (CMIT) brochure page

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