FAQ Non Slip Floor Surface Safety Solutions

This section will answer to some of your most frequent questions regarding to non slip floor safety solutions.

Should you have any further questions your nearest Authorised Floor Safety representative is just one click away on Contact Us or you can make an Enquiry and we will get back to you very quickly.

I have tiled / smooth concrete floors which are very slippery when wet. Which of your anti slip products will work on them?
The Safe Solution® micro etching treatment is suitable for most tiled and smooth concrete surfaces with pedestrian traffic. It creates microscopic channels that allows the water to be displaced under your feet and will increase the traction of the surface. Read more about Micro Etching Non-Slip solution

Will the micro etching damage my tiles?
No, it will not damage the tiles. As a matter of fact this type of treatment is the one that is recommended by the tile industry. Read more about Why the Safe Solution® anti slip treatment will not damage ceramic tile floors

Will the micro etching damage the grout?
No, it will not damage the grout. If the grout is cementitious it will etch into it and will clean it, but will not damage it. When the grout is epoxy based, it will not make any effect at all. Read more about How The Micro Etching Non Slip Treatment Effects Grout Joints

Will the micro etching non slip treatment change the appearance of the tiles?
The answer generally is no, but you may notice some reduction in glossiness on highly gloss tiles as the micro etching treatment will alter the surface of the tile when creating the microscopic channels, which reduces the light reflection. Also depending on the tile you may notice some efflorescence to appear as part of the process. This is temporary and always will go away with regular cleaning and walking on the surface. If you specifically require we can provide you with an additional product which enhances the surface visual appearance and greatly reduces the efflorescence visual impact. Read more about White Residue on Anti Slip Treated Tiles

Will the micro etched non slip surface harder to clean?
No, it will not be harder to clean, although you might have to modify the cleaning method you are currently employing. Your Floor Safety representative will be able to advise you on the recommended cleaning method and also will train your cleaning staff as part of our FSMP™, which is offered to our commercial clients at No Additional Cost. Read more about How To Clean Anti Slip Treated Tiled Floors

I am concerned that my micro etched non slip surface will get stained easily. What can you do about it?
There is no need to worry. While the micro etching non slip treatment will make the surface more porous we also can offer you with an outstanding penetrating sealer called Stain Proof™. This product is used worldwide and Dry Treat, the manufacturer offers a 15 years warranty to give you piece of mind. The product has been applied thousands of places, including the MCG. This product not only will protect your floor from staining, but will leave its slip resistive quality intact. Read more about Penetrating Sealer Solution

I have concrete / vinyl / fibreglass / metal / wooden / other floors which are very slippery when wet. Which of your anti slip products will work on them?
Depending on your specific situation either the Safe Grip anti slip stripes and non slip coating or the Floor Tuff™ polyurethane anti slip protective coating is suitable for almost all surfaces with pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The Safe Grip is a very fast curing, extremely strong bonding and highly slip resistive - including oily surfaces - cold fusion technology which is available in almost any colours which provides you with a very long lasting and hard wearing anti slip finish.
Read more about Anti Slip Strips and Non Skid Treatment Solution.
The Floor Tuff™ cures to form a tough, abrasion resistant, flexible coating an attractive textured finish. The texture of the coating also has a very high slip resistance and provides you with a long lasting hard wearing non slip finish.
Read more about Polyurethane Anti Slip Coating Solution

How long will my non slip floor last?
We will not promise you something that we will not fulfil. Depending on the product and the environment we offer various guarantees. As a general guideline the following guarantees apply for each product;

This does not mean that the non slip surface will last only for that period of time. This will depend on several factors, like the wear from traffic volume, maintenance regime employed, quality of the tile and other factors. You can be sure with our Floor Safety Maintenance Program™ that we will be there all the way to ensure that your floor will remain slip resistant for the maximum period of time. The best part of it that it will come at No Additional Cost to You, as part of our total non slip floor safety solution. Read more about FSMP™ The Ultimate Non Slip Floor Maintenance Program

Do I have to replace my existing cleaning chemicals and how effective is your Maintenance Solution™?
As part of our Floor Safety Maintenance Program™ we will advise you what sort of cleaning chemicals are suitable to your environment. Depending on what you are using you still can use the same cleaning chemicals but you might want to trial our complimentary bottle of Maintenance Solution™. The Maintenance Solution™ is an outstanding quality biodegradable cleaner/degreaser that also has sanitiser (non hospital grade) qualities, which has attained AQIS approval. Read more about The Maintenance Solution – The Ultimate Cleaner For Non Slip Floors and Other Surfaces.

How long until I can use my floors again?
This will depend on the treatment type. When we do micro etching, you will be immediately able to use your new non slip floor when the anti slip treatment is completed. For the polyurethane anti slip coating there is a curing time which depends on the traffic. Your local Floor Safety representative will advise you about the non slip treatment specific disruption before the commencement of the work so you can plan for it. He will also work with you to ensure that your business will have either no or minimal disruption. We usually do the work when your business is closed, although we have completed sucessfully work in an environment which is closed only for 1 day during the entire year.
Read more about Testimonials Of Satisfied Non Slip Floor Customers

I also require independent testing of the anti slip treated floor. Can you help me?
Yes, we can help you. As slip resistance testing is not our speciality, but making floor surfaces non slip, we are not a NATA accredited testing company. Our Slip Alert™ device is a non standard recognised indicative machine, so we have several industry contacts for NATA accredited testing companies and OH&S Consultants. Read more about NATA Accredited Slip Resistance Testing Companies

My business has several locations in all Australian States and Territories and I would prefer to deal with one company. Can you service my various locations?
Yes, we can. We not only operate Australia wide, but being part of the Global Floor Safety Network, we can service you in several countries around the world. For more specific information about where are we located, please click on Enquiry and provide us with your details and specific country(ies) you are interested in and we will contact you.

I have problems with my existing stairs as the nosing is slippery / the existing aluminium non slip cover is loose, moves and I am also concerned about health related issue as the dirt gets underneath. Can you help me?
Yes, we can. The Safe Grip cold vulcanised stair nosing process will give you the best solution. It will not get loose, nothing can get underneath and has exceptional bonding and slip resistive qualities, not only on the top of the stair nosing, but also on the corner. It is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Read more about Anti Slip Strips and Non Skid Treatment Solution.

I have currently anti slip tapes on my ramp / entrance / sloping area / floor surface /stairs which starts to wear off and coming up. I was wondering that your Safe Grip non slip stripes will be a cost effective solution for me?
The Safe Grip application price obviously higher than the anti slip tapes per linear meter, but look at the cost benefit over a 5 to 10 years period. The anti slip tape - depending on the traffic and maintenance - could become ineffective / start to become ineffective and / or peeling off after 6 to 12 months. If I assume that you will have to replace your anti slip tape in every 2 years, than even during our warranty period you will have to spend 2.5 times the money, just to maintain it. Based on the Safe Grip's expected life time of 7 to 15 years, even in the worst case scenario - 7 years, extremely heavy traffic and daily cleaning of the surface with scrubbing machine, like in a large shopping centre - you are talking about 3.5 times of the money to be spent. The best and still realistic scenario - 15 years normal traffic like a building entrance - 7.5 times you will have to spend the money, not even talking about all the hassle associated with these jobs. Read more about Anti Slip Strips and Non Skid Treatment Solution.

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