What is VersaGuard42?

Protecting concrete from the inside...out

VersaGuard42 - with InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology, modifies the concrete to create a permanent and consistent membrane from 1mm to 3mm below the surface and retains the surface profile. This proprietary technology creates an impermeable barrier that is the most effective solution to permanently protect concrete and other cement-based materials from coating delamination, water penetration, hairline cracking, surface abrasion and erosion, stains and odours, micro-organism growth, efflorescence, dusting, chemical attack and other destructive environmental elements.
VersaGuard42 provides complete versatility. The concrete mass remains permanently protected by the internal InnerCreteTM Membrane that is created yet the surface retains its profile for coating / paint application if desired.

There is no visible change to the appearance of the concrete once treated with VersaGuard42.


It is the most effective, eco-friendly solution to protect concrete and cement-based materials from:
  • Water Penetration
  • Hairline Cracking
  • Efflorescence Prevention
  • Rebar Corrosion
  • Coating Delamination / Coating Failure
  • Freeze / Thaw Impact
  • De-Icing Salt Corrosion/Pitting
  • Abrasion and Erosion
  • Environmental Factors
  • Oil, Stains, and Odours
  • Dusting / Chalking
  • Mold and Mildew

VersaGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create a permanent, integral and consistent waterproofing membrane from 1mm to 3mm below the surface. The surface profile is maintained, so can be painted or coated with optimal adhesion or left with its natural finish. VersaGuard provides complete waterproofing protection and versatility and eliminates the need for traditional sealants or coatings.

VersaGuard42 VersaGuard42

VersaGuard42 maintains concrete breathability while improving durability and reducing maintenance requirements.


VersaGuard42 is for use on


Any concrete surface where paint or a coating will / may be applied
Bridges, roads and infrastructure
Car parks (Above and below ground
Pre-cast concrete and tilt-ups
Foundations and buildings envelopes
Water and sewage - Pipes, chambers and facilities
Containment and valve chambers (Above and below ground)
Architectural surfaces, facades and entrances
Commercial and industrial plants and facilities
Elevator and equipment pits
Marine structures
Stadiums, arenas and public facilities



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