Australian Authorised Dealership Business Opportunity

  1. Do you want to get involved in the multi billion dollar floor safety (non slip / anti slip) industry? Want to work with the world leader and have a world wide network of floor safety experts at your disposal? Would you like to get involved with the best value for money franchise avaliable?
  2. Australia imported 30 million square meters of tile in 2006!

    There is currently more than 300,00 million square metres of treatable tiled floor surfaces in Australia!

    All other types of floors and other treatable surfaces are at least 5 times as large!

  3. Would you like to own a turn-key franchise business where you pay no ongoing franchise fees and your territory is not limited by a couple of streets or suburbs or city or region, but by a state?
    • You can be up and running within 2 to 3 weeks
    • Your territory is your state and the client is exclusive to you, meaning no other franchisee will compete against you
  4. How does a business sound, which allows you to recoup your investment within a few months
    • 3 years pro-forma financials example available upon registration
    • Indicative financials example suggests $500,000 plus gross profit over 3 years
  5. Is a franchisor that has very strongly grown every year, has introduced several new products and earning opportunities in every year since establishment and continuously striving for excellence sounds progressive?
    • 2004 – 2 dealers, Safe Solution® system, Maintenance Solution™
    • 2005 – 4 dealers, Floor Tuff™ polyurethane anti slip coating, FSMP™
    • 2006 – 10 dealers, Dry Treat Stain Proof penetrating sealer, Dry Treat Enhance Plus surface treatment, Enhanced FSMP™
    • 2007 – May - 12 dealers on board, Safe Grip non slip stripes and coating is gaining wide local market acceptance and now starting to be rolled out worldwide. Matting solutions are introduced.
    • 2008 – new industry segment is opened by being affiliated with best tactile ground surface indicator manufacturer. Strategic focus is changed and now offering a total “one stop surface safety shop”
    • 2009 Nov** – new very unique product brought onto the market which also opened previously untapped business opportunities
  6. Would you like to be part of a worldwide system which offers superior marketing strategies and is growing its client base by 100 plus percent every year?
    • 2004 - start-up, basic products offering , Servicing basically NSW only, limited trade shows and marketing.
    • 2005 – products and service range expanded, servicing NSW, QLD and VIC. Client range has grown three fold, several trade shows attended, more advertising, including internet based. Members of 3 associations and industry bodies
    • 2006 – product range further expanded, number of clients has grown three fold, 10 trade shows, marketing refocused mainly on internet, members of several associations and industry bodies. Internet website completely re-engineered and now constantly appearing on page 1 for most keyword searches. Servicing all states and territories.
    • 2008 - product range is further expanded and tactile ground surface indicators included. Strategic focus is modified and further product development and introduction to the market expected during the year. Client range is rapidly expanding with several new industry sectors are now covered and the company has became a “one stop shop” being able to cater for virtually any situations and environments. Regular product export to New Zealand.
    • 2009 Nov** - in spite of the local slowdown due to the financial crisis mainly the first part of the year the company is performing strongly. Overseas markets opening in Europe and North America and more and more enquiries from Asia. Majority of dealers have undergone training and certification process for the new product. Further developments expected in new year.
  7. How does an organisation sound which not only offers a 24/7/365 technical support from around the world by the best team of industry experts, but also offers ongoing sales, marketing, operational and management training and support opportunities?
    • 1300 Toll free number
    • Superior website strategy. 4 fold increase year on year over 3 consecutive years
    • Brochures, CDs, samples
    • Training (technical and sales) ongoing – one on one, group, electronic
  8. Are you interested to get involved in an industry that the products and services are helping humanity?
    • Largest slip fall claim believed to cost around 2.75 million.
    • 74 percent of all Public Liability Claims related to slips and falls.
    • Two thirds of all indoor Workers Compensation claims are related to slips and falls.
    • Average claim cost is around $18,000. Total estimated cost to Australian community is around 2.8 billion per annum and growing due to aging society.
    • More stringent OH&S safety regulations and awareness in society, higher penalties
    • After many years of planning & continuous discussions with the Insurance Industry Global Safe Technologies Inc. has been given recognition for its proven products, quality control & the unique comprehensive maintenance monitoring system called the Floor Safety Maintenance Program (FSMP)™
      • In January, 2005, an insurance underwriter for Lloyd's of London, based in British Columbia, Canada, with worldwide ties endorsed the Company and its products offering a "Special Discounted Insurance Program" to any client using the products and FSMP™.
      • After almost 2 years of research and study, one of the world’s largest Insurers is preparing to endorse Global Safe Inc.’s product line and the FSMP™ as a pro-active means of preventing slippage accidents and reducing costly liability claims
  9. Do you have a positive attitude? Can you relate to people? Are you business minded and have what it takes to succeed?
    • You want to buy and build a business not buying a job
    • You are proud of your work and your achievements
    • You are passionate about what you are doing
    • You have a "go-getter" attitude
  10. Have liquid funds of $65,000.00 (plus GST) available?
    • • You have $65,000,00 available to invest

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    If you answered Yes to the above questions, simply click onto the Request Information Form button below; fill out the form to get you further information and for you to take advantage of the limited opportunities still available.

    Please note that currently there is only one opportunity exist in South East Queensland (Gold Coast, Gold Cost Corridor, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Mackay) are closed. The opportunities that are available in Queensland are in Cairns, Townsville and inland.

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